Arcadius Productions is a provider of non-scripted reality television founded on the principal that huge personalities make great content.

Formed in 2012 by the merger of two documentary film and commercial production companies, Arcadius is focused on producing compelling non-scripted reality television.

Partners Gary Bredow and Jenny Feterovich are responsible for producing the critically acclaimed and Emmy nominated PBS series "Start Up" and "A Craftsman's Legacy", internationally distributed documentaries "High Tech Soul", "Urban Roots", and "Bridging the Gap" as well as branded content for major corporations including American Express, Chrysler, The UPS Store, State Farm, Coca-Cola, Ford and Microsoft.

Arcadius is responsible for over 1500 hours of national television programming.  As the Executive Producers of the PBS series "Start UP," going into its 5th season in fall 2017, they show extraordinary people that have followed their dream of creating a small business.  As one of the top 4 business shows on TV, they have helped paved the way for other popular business focused programs.

Arcadius is dedicated to telling real stories and giving viewers the unique opportunity to see life through the experiences of our characters.


The People

Gary Bredow
Founder, Executive Producer
Talent Agency | WME


Jenny Feterovich
Founder, Executive Producer
Talent Agency | WME

David London
Creative Director
Post-Production Manager