Join host Gary Bredow as he travels the country exploring how entrepreneurs and small businesses are rebuilding America, one business at a time. (PBS, Create, World, Amazon).

START UP is currently in production for its 7th season.


Conquer 7

James Lawrence, the Guinness Record holder and self-branded Iron Cowboy, completed 50 Ironman triathlons in 50 consecutive days throughout 50 states. Now, this master of will power will attempt the impossible. 7 Ironmans in 7 days on 7 continents. (In-development)


Carly Loves Tchotchkes

Comedian Carly Aquilino tours the country doing stand-up, meets with local characters and collectors who take her on an epic journey through the underbelly of the local vintage toy scene in search of the score of a lifetime. (In-development)


Flippin’ Detroit

Orlando has a quest to restore Detroit one house at time, flipping classic homes that haven’t had any love in a long time. He and his crew can spot a gem and then polish it to a shine in time to sell. (In-development)


Urb or Burb

Chicago developer and real estate agent Karla Thomas helps people make the difficult decision of whether to move to the suburbs or stay in the city. (In-development)


On Tour

Join host Summer Bingham (Showtime's "The Real L Word") as she travels from coast to coast exploring the deep roots of American music. (In-development)


Gritty To Pretty

Watch builder Jeremy Cole buy the oldest and "nastiest" houses in Kalamazoo and transform them into someone's dream home. (Pilot, DIY Network)


Ultimate Garage

Watch the worlds most extreme car enthusiasts spend millions of dollars to create lavish garages inside the exclusive M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. (In-development)